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In most developing countries and third world countries, a female happen to be not priority on any aspects except doing house chores. When comes to education it is even worse because the society believe it is wastage of time to invest in female students since they will end up being someone’s wife, and doing hose chores. With that aspect female student get less privilege’s to pursue education and even those few who get privilege they face so many obstacles from surroundings. Our mission it to make sure we educate the society about gender equality and importance of investing the same to female student as male. Even more we try to provide extra favors to females students that are mostly basic needs in order to pursue their education journey .Not limited to providing the needs that can help them being comfortable in school, not limited to protection, encouragement and even sanitary pads

Female students empowering

“Women’s empowerment” is all about creating a school environment that allows young girls to be themselves and feel comfortable making mistakes and learning from them. A great way to promote empowerment and encourage girls (and boys, of course!) 

is to incorporate workshops and seminars with speakers into the regular school routine. It’s also important for girls to have exposure to accomplished female role models. Telling them that anything is possible is great, but showing them how it’s done is even better.